Body Temperature Measure Fever Alarm Door

Body Temperature Measure Fever Alarm Door
  • Body Temperature Measure Fever Alarm Door
  • Body Temperature Measure Fever Alarm Door
  • Body Temperature Measure Fever Alarm Door
  • Body Temperature Measure Fever Alarm Door
Product name : Body Temperature Measure Fever Alarm Door
Product No. : JC-330
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1 . Product Features:

Ø   No - contact temperature detection, the person through the gate at normal speed, no need stay for a while

Ø   High sensitivity infrared thermal imaging camera,high definition visible light camera

Ø   For long distance human temperature detection 1.5 m ~ 5 m

Ø   Camera + embedded motherboard + black body integrated structure

Ø   Built-in black body, automatic correction, no affect of environmental temperature changes on thermal imaging 

Ø   Accurate forehead temperature algorithm, filtering background high temperature influence,  accuracy is less than 0.2℃

Ø   The human body temperature initial screen, through the safety temperature threshold setting, beyond the threshold, can linkage security door sound and light alarm, establish the first line of defense

Ø   15.6 inch display screen real-time temperature

Ø   support external screen hanging wall or centralized monitoring, support USB upgrade, the alarm captured image data export

Ø   support multiple location high sensitive metal gate management functions: 1 coin size of metal, can be detected effectively illegal items check

Ø  Modular component design: convenient transportation and maintenance

Ø   Support data analysis with cloud connection (optional)

Ø   Support for personalized networking (optional)

2.      Metal Detection characteristic

Ø   Detection accuracy: The highest sensitivity can detect one coin in the middle of the door;

Ø   Anti-interference design: according to the surrounding environment, the startup frequency is automatically set to avoid interference.
When multiple doors are working side by side, they are close to each other and have no obvious detection performance affection

Ø   Location display: the product is divided into 6~18zone. Suspicious objects can be displayed accurately in each zone

Ø   Frequency setting: 100 kinds of frequency can be set automatically, and adaptive working environment automatically

Ø   Sensitivity adjustment: sensitivity can be adjusted with a total of 1-255 levels of sensitivity

Ø   Auto Count: Passengers Pass and Alarm Count automatically  

Ø   Led light bars on both sides, alarm Led is able to display detection objects accurately according to body zone

Ø   Control Panel display: 5.7inch LCD display, friendly operation for users 

Ø   The gate made in PVC, material is exactly the same with imported brands, beautiful, generous, fire proof  moisture-proof and collision avoidance.

Ø   It is harmless to heart pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, magnetic media.


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