X ray Baggage Scanner

X ray Baggage Scanner
  • X ray Baggage Scanner
Product name : X ray Baggage Scanner
Product No. : JC5636
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 Basic parameter :
Tunnel size----------------------------560mm (wide) *360mm (high)
Conveyor belt speed-------------------------0.2+/-0.02 m/s
Maximum load-------------------------------More than 160kg (uniform distribution)
single x ray dose---------------------------------less than1µGy
x ray leakage-------------------------------less than0.1µGy/h
Wire resolution--------------------------------------Diameter 0.0787mm wire
Spatial resolution----------------------The horizontal diameter is less than 1.0mm and the vertical diameter is less than 1.0mm
Penetrating resolution---------------------------Diameter 0.0254mm wire
penetration -----------------------------More than 40mm steel plate
Film safety------------------------------Safety of ISO1600 film
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