Baggage and parcel scanning

X-ray is widely used for screening baggage at airports. Additionally, X-ray screening may be used for screening baggage
and mail at critical infrastructure facilities, including bus, train and subway stations, embassies, government buildings,
stadiums, museums and hotels.

High quality X-ray images reveal security threats and contraband, while dual-energy imaging provides additional capabilities
by identifying threats based on their material type or atomic number. DT provides X-ray imaging solutions for baggage and
parcel scanning applications ranging from conventional check point systems to sophisticated computed tomography systems.
Detectors can also be efficiently customized to required configurations based on our state-of-art modular design.
Our all x ray machines with Finland DT detection PCB boards, to gurantee stability performance and high clear images.
High penetration and wire resolution rely on top performance x ray generator, nowadays,in order to save the cost,
some manufacturer use poor quality x ray tank to replace famouse brand generators, original materials cost for
generator is much lower than our generators .  we usually use 150KV generator for dual energy machines, we also
use 140-160KV x ray generator from USA spellman brand .for cargo scanner 150180, 150150 models,all are spellman 
200kv generator . so that to guarantee our machines high performance and system stability .
Waterproof multi-function operation keyboard, which made in 304 stainless steel with electrophoretic processing , this 
keyboard is able to use touch mouse , we can match enmerency button and bluetooth function accroding to client require.
the keyboard can be built in our mobile operation desk with extension cables, also can be built in machine side panel that is 
easy for user to close and open .

Walk Through Metal Detector for security checking
Most of security metal detector apperance are the same in China market, because wooden panels almost are from the same
supplier , there are fewer factories which produce wooden panels for walk through metal detectors . but PCB is different , good 
quality IC is very important for software operation .we use Broadcom chip for our control main board. only one whole PCB board
built in control box,that is for data signal collection, processing, transmission . 

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