Safety first: Hotels spruce up x ray security inspection systems

 Hotel chains in India across the hospitality sector -- which have for long been at the receiving end of terror attacks are sprucing up their security systems
 and revamping safety arrangements following the serial bombings across hotels in Colombo in April and an attack in a luxury hotel in Pakistan last month. 

While Shangri-La said it is consulting local security and law enforcement agencies following the attack on its hotel in Colombo and is regularly training its
emergency response teams, Hyatt said it recently partnered with Safehotels AG to inspect and assess security at its hotels in India which are operating
at an enhanced security status. 

“Following the attacks in Sri Lanka, we took immediate steps to raise the alert state at all our hotels in South Asia. In India, specifically our hotels have been
operating at an enhanced security state. it is normal to see the screening of vehicles and people take place at hotels in India,” said Trevor Gannon, director,
global security, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South West Asia. 

A series of bomb blasts ripped through high-end hotels such as Shangri-La and churches in Sri Lanka in April which killed nearly 300 people.  In order to prevent 
attacks happened again,hotels must install x ray baggage scanners and walk through scanner, even mobile x ray inspection system and under vehicle inspection.

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