Clock Thermometer Box

Clock Thermometer Box
  • Clock Thermometer Box
  • Clock Thermometer Box
  • Clock Thermometer Box
  • Clock Thermometer Box
  • Clock Thermometer Box
  • Clock Thermometer Box
Product name : Clock Thermometer Box
Product No. : H109
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Non-Contact Body Temperature Thermometer Detector Box H109

Product Introduction :

This is a kind of intelligent black box based on the human body induction display time, and has the non-contact human body temperature measurement function Its advantage is that it is equipped with a variety of detection, detection and auxiliary sensors, together with our unique intelligent algorithm to achieve long-distance non-contact rapid intelligent human temperature accurate monitoring. In order to achieve the accuracy and high efficiency of normal temperature detection in human body, the risk of viral contact transmission and close transmission is more effective reduced at a long distance.

This product is widely used in daily health care at home, entrance and exit of supermarkets, schools, shops, offices, buses, subways, stations, bank halls, taxis and other areas of human activities. It is used for normal temperature monitoring  and epidemic prevention.


Features :

  1. Display time of automatic human induction, detection distance up to 5M.
  2. Using imported high precision infrared sensor, the performance is stable and reliable.
  3. The body temperature can be accurately monitored from a distance of up to
  4. 25cm and the measurement accuracy can be up to ±0.2-0.3°.
  5. Human body induction device, horizontal induction Angle :80°, vertical induction Angle :55°
  6. 0.2 Second quick measurement, efficient commute.
  7. Built-in ladder temperature compensation.
  8. Built-in environmental temperature compensation, strong environmental temperature adaptability .
  9. Unique data correction algorithm, in the effective range of automatic temperature calibration.
  10. Support Celsius and Fahrenheit display, can be arbitrarily switched.Support temperature abnormal sound and light alarm function.
  11. Support the memory function of historical data of temperature measurement,
  12. which can remember 128 records and automatically cover the old records.
  13. Built-in 500mAh lithium ion battery, Micro USB interface charging interface
  14. Low power consumption design, charging up to 6~8 months long standby,
  15. Up to 15,000 measurements were made.
  16. Automatic detection startup, automatic idle sleep.
  17. Support low voltage alarm, automatic protection shutdown.
  18. Magnetic absorption installation design, simple, convenient, and fast.
  19. Patent product design, small, portable, exquisite.

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